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Consortium for Management of Experimental Data in Structural Biology

Third imgCIF workshop (new series) at BSR 2007 in Manchester and at Diamond:

The Management of Synchrotron Image Data:
Changes to the imgCIF dictionary and software, interaction with NeXus

Sponsored by DOE under grant ER64212-1027708-0011962, NSF under grant DBI-0610407 and NIH under grant 1R13RR023192-01A1

You are cordially invited to a CBF/imgCIF workshop in two lunch sessions at BSR 2007 in Manchester and at Diamond.

The first session will in Manchester on Tuesday, 14 August from 12:45 to 13:45. It will provide an introduction to imgCIF and NeXus and a brief review of current progress. This event will take place in the Barbirolli Room at Bridgewater Hall and will take place from 12.45 to 13.45. This lunch meeting is open, but advance registration is required by e-mailing bsr_imgcif_aug07@medsbio.org.

The second session will be at Diamond on Friday, 17 August at 12:30 to discuss recent changes in the imgCIF dictionary and software and the interaction with NeXus. It will be held in room 1.17 of Diamond House as a working lunch. This lunch is open both to BSR attendees and others, though places are limited and advance registration is required by e-mailing bsr_imgcif_aug07@medsbio.org. Lunch will be provided. This Diamond workshop will be organized in two phases. We will begin with short presentations and some discussion from 12:30 to 13:45. Then there will be a break, and more substantive discussions will continue from 14:00 until the BSR coaches leave at 17:00. (If you are a BSR delegate coach travel is provided but you must complete the relevant form within the BSR 2007 joining pack.) Please feel free to go to the BSR 2007 sessions at 2 pm and the subsequent Diamond tour and to rejoin the discussions at the end to see how they turned out.

There has been a great deal of progress in the past year. There is a lot to report and a lot to discuss. If you work with raw experimental data in structural biology, these workshops may prove interesting for you.

Thanks to funding from DOE, NSF and NIH we have some funds to help with travel to these workshops. If you need assistance, please contact us by e-mailing bsr_imgcif_aug07@medsbio.org.

For further information and to register for either workshop please contact Herbert J. Bernstein and Alun Ashton at bsr_imgcif_aug07@medsbio.org

Preliminary Agenda:

Travel Information

The 14 May 2007 workshop session is being held at the BSR 2007 meeting venue in Manchester. For travel information for that session, see http://www.srs.ac.uk/bsr2007/pages/travel.htm.

The 17 May 2007 workshop session is being help as the Diamond Light Source (DLS). Registered participants at BSR 2007 may avail themselves of the transportation to DLS by making arrangements with the meeting organizers (anita at ya-ya dot co dot uk). Alternatively you may wish to consult the DLS travel information at http://www.diamond.ac.uk/AboutDiamond/Location

For those for whom travel reimbuirsement has been arranged, forms will be provided at the workshops. A copy is available as a PDF BSR_Aug07_expense.pdf, which should be filled out, signed and returned with receipts to Herbert J. Bernstein, Kramer Science Center KSC-121, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY 11769-1999, USA.


As of 9 August 2007, the registered list of participants is:

AttendFreddie Akeroyd F.A.Akeroyd at rl.ac dot uk
PresentAlun W. Ashton Alun.Ashton at DIAMOND.AC dot UK
AttendMark Basham Mark.Basham at DIAMOND.AC dot UK
Present PresentHerbert J. Bernstein yaya at bernstein-plus-sons dot com
Attend Frances C. Bernstein fcb at bernstein-plus-sons dot com
Attend Ian Clifton ian.clifton at chem.ox.ac dot uk
Attend Attend Georgi Darakev darakevg at gmail dot com
Attend Attend Nikolay Darakev darakevn at gmail dot com
PresentMatt Dougherty matthewd at bcm.tmc dot edu
Attend Attend Elizabeth M. Duke elizabeth.duke at diamond.ac dot uk
AttendAttend Judy Flippen-Anderson flippen at rcsb.rutgers dot edu
Present Mike Folk mfolk at hdfgroup.org
AttendJohn Jemilawon damie225 at gmail dot com
Attend Louise Jones lj at iucr.org
AttendLaurent Lerusse L.Lerusse at rl.ac dot uk
Attend Brian McMahon bm at iucr.org
AttendPresent Chris Nielsen cn at adsc-xray dot com
AttendHarry Powell harry at mrc-lmb.cam.ac dot uk
Attend Francois Remacle f.remacle at dl.ac dot uk
AttendStuart Robinson Stuart.Robinson at Diamond.AC dot UK
Present Clemens Schulze-Briese clemens.schulze at psi.ch
Present Graeme Winter g.winter at dl.ac dot uk
AttendJonathan Wright wright at esrf dot fr