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Consortium for Management of Experimental Data in Structural Biology
High Data-Rate MX Meeting
ECM-30 Satellite Meeting on Friday 2 September 2016

High Data Rate MX Meetings

Herbert J. Bernstein, yayahjb at gmail dot com
Nicholas K. Sauter, nksauter at lbl dot gov
Robert M. Sweet, rsweet at bnl dot gov

The High Data-Rate MX meeting at BNL series has been sponsored in part by Dectris Ltd of Baden Switzerland.

There will be a meeting in High Data-Rate Macromolecular Crystallography (HDRMX) at Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland as a satellite to ECM-30 on Friday 2 September 2016. This is a followup to the two prior HDRMX meetings, one at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Thursday 26 May -- Saturday 28 May 2016, and one in Denver Colorado on 23 July 2016 at the meeting of the American Crystallographic Association.

This is the third of the series of three meetings that have been run in Spring and Summer 2016 on changes needed to existing major software packages for support of very high data rate macromolecular crystallography. Partial support has been provided by Dectris, Ltd of Baden Switzerland, NIH/NIGMS and DOE/BER. Registration for this third meeting is open at http://ecm30.ecanews.org/satellitemeetings/high-data-rate-mx-satellite-meeting.html. Note: While we are obtaining some funding, until and unless specific arrangements have been made, all attendees need to assume full responsibiity for their expenses, including but not limited to transportation, food and accommodations. As of this writing (8 August 2016) the funding commitments in hand are sufficient to pay for coffee breaks and lunch at the third meeting, and modest support for accommodations and transportation on a case-by-case basis. Specific requests need to be made no later than by Thursday, 11 August 2016.

Note: Due to various rules and policies, even though we expect to be able to cover food during the meeting, we will not be able to cover expenses for alcoholic beverages. That is something attendees must pay for themselves. Note: We encourage participants to get breakfast at their hotel before the meeting.

Preliminary List of Attendees for 2 September 2016 Meeting

Daniel ErikssonAustralian Synchrotron
Frances C. BernsteinBrookhaven National Laboratory (ret.)
Andreas FörsterDectris, Ltd.
Markus MathesDectris, Ltd.
James ParkhurstDLS
David HallDLS
Karine SpartaHZB
Naohiro MatsugakiKEK
Jacinto López SagasetaGlaxoSmithKline Vaccines S.r.l.
Borislav AngelovELI
Nicholas SauterLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Robert ChengleadXpro
Artur BarczykMAX IV
Herbert J. BernsteinRochester Inst. Technology
Mark KönneckeSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Ezequiel (Zac) PanepucciSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Justyna Aleksandra WojdylaSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Martin Savko SOLEIL Synchrotron
Badri N. DubeyU. Basel
Markus OsterhoffU. Göttingen
Ivo Tews CCP4 WG2 chair, U. Southampton

We believe we have arranged a BlueJeans connection for this meeting for remote participants: https://bluejeans.com/308044974?src=textEmail&g=pfqxsylinjreaz3nmfuwyltdn5wq==== If you just want to dial in on your phone:

Preliminary Agenda for 2 September 2016 Meeting

Meeting in room 102, Biozentrum, University of Basel, Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056 Basel, Switzerland
Friday, 2 September 201609:00Meeting convenes
09:00Welcome and review of the problem, H. J. Bernstein, RIT, slides
09:15Eiger Data, A. Förster, Dectris, slides
09:35Discussion period
09:45Dectris Eiger software status review, M. Mathes, Dectris, slides
10:05Discussion period
10:15Coffee Break
10:45Status of Eiger reading and processing in DIALS, J. Parkhurst, DLS, slides
11:05Discussion period
11:15Update on using 4M ROI with the EigerX 16M, E. Panepucci, PSI, slides
11:35Discussion period
11:45Efficient Eiger data processing, M. Savko, SOLEIL, slides
12:05Discussion period
12:15Working Lunch (served in the room, courtesy Dectris)
13:15Current status and plans at MAX IV, Artur Barczyk, MAX IV, slides
13:35Discussion period
13:45XDS News August 2016, Kay Dierderichs, Universität Konstanz, via HJB, slides
14:00Discussion and report writing
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Final Discussion period
16:00Meeting ends

Go to the ECM-30 website, http://ecm30.ecanews.org/2016.html for more details about the overall Basel meeting, and to the HDRMX website http://hdrmx.medsbio.org for more information about HDRMX.

WiFi access

There is eduroam support at Biozentrum. You may also use WLAN-Net: unibas-event, Login: eventbzpz, password: ECM-30sm16! Android users should be sure to turn off cloud backups.

Travel Directions

See http://www.biozentrum.unibas.ch/directions/ for travel directions.