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Consortium for Management of Experimental Data in Structural Biology
High Data-Rate MX Meeting
at BNL on Thursday 26 May -- Saturday 28 May 2016

High Data Rate MX Meetings

Herbert J. Bernstein, yayahjb at gmail dot com
Nicholas K. Sauter, nksauter at lbl dot gov
Robert M. Sweet, rsweet at bnl dot gov

The High Data-Rate MX meeting at BNL series has been sponsored in part by Dectris Ltd of Baden Switzerland.

There will be a working meeting on High Data-Rate Macromolecular Crystallography at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Thursday 26 May -- Saturday 28 May 2016.

This is the first of a series of three meetings to be run in Spring and Summer 2016 on changes needed to existing major software packages for support of very high data rate macromolecular crystallography. Additional support is being requested in parallel from Dectris, Ltd of Baden Switzerland, NIH/NIGMS and DOE/BER. To ensure maximum participation across the community, the sessions will be held at three geographically distributed locations. The first meeting will be on 26 -- 28 May 2016 at National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, USA. The second meeting will be an informal session during the meeting of the American Crystallographic Association in Denver, Colorado, USA, 22 -- 26 July 2016. The support being requested from NSF in this proposal is primarily for support fo The third meeting will be on 2 September 2016, as a satellite meeting to the European Crystallograhic Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, 28 August 1 September 2016. Registration for the third meeting is open at http://ecm30.ecanews.org/satellitemeetings/high-data-rate-mx-satellite-meeting.html. To date, a very helpful funding commitments from Dectris of Baden, Switzerland, LSBR at BNL and from NIGMS have been received.

Note: Until and unless specific arrangements have been made, all attendees need to assume full responsibiity for their expenses, including but not limited to transportation, food and accommodations. As of this writing (7 May 2016) the funding commitments in hand are sufficient to pay for food and hotels for the accepted participants at the May meeting, and to support a small portion of some transportation costs for the May meeting. Participants are completely responsible for costs for the July and September meetings.

Note: Due to various rules and policies, even though we expect to be able to cover food during the May meeting, we will not be able to cover expenses for alcoholic beverages. That is something attendees must pay for themselves.

Accommodations for the 26 - 28 May 2016 Meeting at BNL

Attendees in need of accommodations for the meeting should reserve a room at

Hampton Inn Long Island/Brookhaven
2000 North Ocean Avenue, Farmingville, NY 11738
PHONE: +1-631-732-7300
You may book your room using this booking link:

High Data-Rate MX Meeting Hotel Booking Link

or calling +1-800-HAMPTON (+1-800-426-7866) and referencing the High Data-Rate MX Meeting no later than 24 April 2016. The agreed rate is $119 per night for checkin 25 May 2016, and is subject to state sales and occupancy taxes, which currently are a combined total of 11.625% per room per night and are subject to change without notice.

Working Dinners on 26 and 27 May 2016

For those who are interested, we will have working dinners at Perabell Patchogue, 69 E. Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772, +1-631-447-7766, 6:30 pm, Thursday, 26 May 2016, and at La Margherita, 1229 Station Rd, Medford, NY 11763, 1-631-924-0048, 6:30 pm, Fridat, 27 May 2016. In order to allow us to reserve enough space and to organize transportation, if you wish to participate in these dinners, please provide the following information: the nights you will participate, whether you will need transportation, or can help with transportation, and any special dietary requirements.

Our thanks to Dectris, Ltd., whose sponsorship is supporting these working dinners.

The menu for the dinner at Perabell, 6:30 pm, Thursday, 26 May 2016 is:

The menu for La Margherita, 6:30 pm, Friday, 26 May 2016 is at http://www.lamargheritapizza.com/menu.html. We will cover either pizza or regular Italian entrees and sides to a budget limit of $30 a head. The pizza is particularly good. We will cover coffee and soda. Cash bar at particpant's expense for alcoholic beverages

Process for Participation in the 26 -- 28 May 2016 Meeting at BNL

In order to conform to U.S. Department of Energy regulations, the number at attendees at the meeting in-site at BNL is limited. Both for that reason and in order to accommodate people who need to particpate but who have sceduling conflicts, we will support remote access to this meeting. If you wish to participate either on-site or electronically please send an e-mail with "HDRMX" in the subject line to.

Herbert J. Bernstein, yayahjb at gmail dot com
with the following information:

Note added 7 May 2016: *** We regret that we cannot accept additional on-site participants at of this date, but a few additional electronic participants could be accepted. *** The following information is left posted including the on-site information for the record.

  1. Your name
  2. Your institutional affiliation
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Your email address
  5. Whether you are requesting on-site participation or electronic participation
  6. If you are requesting on-site participation
    1. Please specify whether you need local accommodations or have already made arrangements
    2. Please specify any dietary requiements
    3. Your BNL life number or BNL Guest number (if you have one)
    4. If you do not have an active BNL life number or BNL Guest number,
      and you are accepted for on-site participation, you must go to
      and register. This process can take time, especially for non-US citizens, and you
      will not be able to enter the site without having completed the process.
  7. If you are requesting electronic participation
    1. Your telephone number, country code first, as if you were dialing from a cell-phone
      in another country (e.g. +1-631-344-8168)
    2. Your Skype ID (if you have one)
    3. The email address you use for Google Hangouts (if you use Google Hangouts)

Contact Information

During the meeting the best contact for participants in need of guidance or for external people trying to locate a meeting participant is Jean Smiles, NSLS-II Photon Science Division, work +1-631-344-4696, cell +1-631-404-8938


Additional information for visitors, including maps, is available at https://www.bnl.gov/visiting/


The participants in the May meeting were:

On-site Participants
Mark HilgartAPS Argonne National Laboratory
Jun AishimaAustralian Synchrotron
Tom Caradoc-DaviesAustralian Synchrotron
Kaden BadalianBinghamton University
Frances C. BernsteinBrookhaven National Laboratory (ret.)
Andreas FörsterDECTRIS Ltd.
Markus MathesDECTRIS Ltd.
Eugen WintersbergerDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
David HallDiamond Light Source
Graeme WinterDiamond Light Source
Andrew HammersleyEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Gerard BricogneGlobal Phasing Ltd.
Clemens VonrheinGlobal Phasing Ltd.
Aaron BrewsterLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nicholas K. SauterLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jie NanMAX IV Lund University
Harry PowellMRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (ret.)
Matt CowanNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Martin FuchsNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Jean JakoncicNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Robert PetkusNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Alexei SoaresNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Dieter SchneiderNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
John SkinnerNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bob SweetNSLS-II Brookhaven National Laboratory
Kerstin Kleese van DamCSI Brookhaven National Laboratory
Xiaochun YangNY Structural Biology Consortium
Seetharaman JayaramanNY Structural Biology Consortium
Herbert J. BernsteinRochester Institute of Technology
Simon EbnerSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Ezequiel PanepucciSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Justyna Aleksandra WojdylaSLS Paul Scherrer Institut
Martin SavkoSOLEIL Synchrotron
Elena PourmalThe HDF Group
Wladek MinorUniversity of Virginia
Electronic Participants
Nukri SanishviliAPS Argonne National Laboratory, GMCA-CAT
Kevin BattaileAPS Argonne National Laboratory, IMCA-CAT
Joe DigilioAPS Argonne National Laboratory, IMCA-CAT
Erica DugridAPS Argonne National Laboratory, IMCA-CAT
Spencer AndersonAPS Argonne National Laboratory, LS-CAT
Joe BrunzelleAPS Argonne National Laboratory, LS-CAT
Keith BristerAPS Argonne National Laboratory, LS-CAT
Surajit BanerjeeAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
David NeauAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
Frank MurphyAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
K. RajasankarAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
Jon SchuermannAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
James P. WithrowAPS Argonne National Laboratory, NE-CAT
Steve GinellAPS Argonne National Laboratory, SBC CAT
Chris LazarskiAPS Argonne National Laboratory, SBC-CAT
John ChrzasAPS Argonne National Laboratory, SER-CAT
Albert FuAPS Argonne National Laboratory, SER-CAT
Zhongmin JinAPS Argonne National Laboratory, SER-CAT
Daniel ErikssonAustralian Synchrotron
Vesna Samardzic-BobanAustralian Synchrotron
Stefan BrandstetterDECTRIS Ltd.
Gleb BourenkovEMBL
Alexander PopovEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Go UenoSPring-8
Kazuya HasegawaSPring-8
Keitaro YamashitaSPring-8
Thomas ErikssonSSRL SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Takanori NakaneThe University of Tokyo
Kay DiederichsUniversität Konstanz

Agenda for 26 -- 28 May 2016 Meeting

Note 1: Note the location of the Thursday sessions was been changed to the Biology large seminar room in Building 463B to accomodate the larger audience. The Friday and Saturday sessions remained at NSLS II.

Note 2: Electronic participation was via BlueJeans.

This is the 30 May 2016 final agenda for the BNL HDRMX Meeting 26 -- 28 May 2016 as given
DayTalk #Start timeDuration
25-May-16attendee travel and arrival at hotel, unless already attending NSLS-II User Meeting
26-May-16HDRMX Meeting, Biology Large Seminar Room, Room 157, Bldg 463B, BNL, DAY 1
8:300:30Coffee, Tea, Juice, setup for e-particpants
Introducing the Problem, R. M. Sweet and N. K. Sauter, presiding
19:000:10Robert M. Sweet, BNL, Welcome
29:100:15Herbert J. Bernstein, RIT, Statement of the Problem and Charge to the Meeting
39:250:15Nicholas K. Sauter, Graeme Winter, Presentation of the DIALS approach to handling Eiger images in spot-finding and processing pptx
49:400:15K. Diederichs (remotely), A. Förster, C. Vonrhein, G. Bricogne, Presentation of the XDS approach to handling Eiger images slides
59:550:15W. Minor, Presentation of the HKL approach to handling Eiger images slides
610:100:15H. Powell, Presentation of the Mosflm approach to handling Eiger images slides ppt
10:250:35Coffee/Tea Break
Dectris Eiger Capabilities, H. J. Bernstein presiding
111:000:15A. Förster, Dectris, Presentation of the Eiger hardware slides
211:150:15M. Mathes, Dectris, Presentation of the Eiger data format(s) and software slides
311:300:15Elena Pourmal, HDF Group, Presentation of relevant HDF5 features slides pptx
411:450:15James Holton, SLAC, Presentation on simulation, flicker, etc. in HDRMX environment slides
12:001:00Working lunch -- takeout from Benten and Five Brothers Deli
1:001:15Group photo
Presentations of Facilities current and planned relevant computational and network capabilities, J. Jakoncic, presiding, to get constraints and commonalities in solutions
113:150:15Kerstin Kleese van Dam, BNL, CSI ppt
113:300:15Robert Petkus, BNL, NSLS-II slides
213:450:15Ezequiel Panepucci, SLS slides
314:000:15Graeme Winter, DLS pptx
414:150:15Thomas Eriksson (remotely), SLAC slides
514:300:15Andrew P. Hammersley, ESRF slides ppt
14:450:45Beamline Tour and Coffee/Tea Break
615:300:15Martin Savko, SOLEIL slides
715:450:15Mark Hilgart, APS slides
816:000:15Jie Nan, Max IV slides
915:150:15Tom Caradoc-Davies, Australian Synchrotron slides
1016:300:15Eugen Wintersberger, DESY slides
Facilitated group discussion laying out action items for programming sessions,H. J. Bernstein, presiding
16:300:30Facilitated discussion, all participants
17:001:30Break for travel to dinner
18:302:00Working dinner in Perabell Patchogue, 69 E. Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772, +1-631-447-7766
27-May-16HDRMX Meeting, Room 5L156, Bldg 745, NSLS-II, BNL, DAY 2
8:300:30Coffee, Tea, Juice, setup for e-particpants
Parallel software and beamlines/controls meetings
Software/programming group, H. J. Bernstein moderator
Beamlines/controls group, G. Winter, moderator
9:001:30Parallel facilitated meetings
10:300:30Coffee/Tea Break
Joint meeting to discuss progress, H. J. Bernstein, moderator
11:001:00Joint meeting to discuss progress, H. J. Bernstein, moderator
12:001:30Working lunch -- takeout from Five Brothers Deli
13:301:00Joint meeting, Facilitated group discussion starting on draft report and laying out further action items
14:300:30Coffee/Tea Break
15:002:00Joint meeting, Facilitated group discussion continued on draft report and laying out further action items
17:001:30Break for travel to dinner
18:302:00Working Dinner at La Margherita, 1229 Station Rd, Medford, NY 11763, 1-631-924-0048
28-May-16HDRMX Meeting, Room 5L156, Bldg 745, NSLS-II, BNL, DAY 3
8:300:30Coffee, Tea, Juice, setup for e-particpants
Joint meeting to draft report, H. J. Bernstein, moderating
9:001:30Joint meeting to draft report, H. J. Bernstein, moderating
10:300:30Coffee/Tea Break
Joint meeting to discuss progress, H. J. Bernstein, moderator
11:001:00Joint meeting to finish draft report and lay out tasks to be finished via email
12:001:30Working lunch -- takeout from Five Brothers Deli
13:301:00People leaving that evening depart; Special session for DIALS issues discussion, and other special breakouts.
14:300:30Coffee/Tea Break
15:002:00Other special discussions.
17:00Meeting ends